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SANA: Bursary Programme 2021

South African Nursery Association (SANA) invites suitable applicants for Bursary programme for 2021.

Location: South Africa
Closing Date: 16th April 2021

The South African Nursery Association invites all qualified candidates for the bursaries to be awarded to students who have an interest in pursuing a career in the Horticulture related area and who have successfully completed all modules of their first Academic year of study. PhD, Masters and BTech students may also apply for the bursary. Those applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that the bursary will not pay for any remaining fees from the previous academic period. Registration fees, practical training, accommodation, travel, allowances, and prescribed books are also not covered in the bursary fund. All students will have to ensure they are fully registered with the institution before the bursary can be awarded. Only students who are currently enrolled in a tertiary institution may apply for the SANA Student Membership. Your membership is valid for one year only, thus if you wish to remain a SANA Student, please reapply for SANA Student Membership each academic year.

SANA Student Membership Benefits

  • Membership is free of charge.
  • Regular communication to members through electronic newsletters covering matters relating to industry, important dates and more.
  • Receive a digital copy of the annual SANA Magazine.
  • Be invited as a visitor to the rapidly growing SANA TRADE FAIRS held in Gauteng (twice a year) and KZN, where you will have an unobstructed view of how the nursery industry operates.


  • South African citizen
  • Must have at least 60% average on per subject
  • Students of BSc, BSc (Hons) MSc, Ph.D Agric degrees, National Diploma or Higher Diploma in Horticultural Science / Horticulture or Landscaping
  • Completed and passed 3 first academic year subjects and have an average of over 60% per subject

How to apply

Applications must be submitted in one of the following ways: Email: Or Fax at: 086 580 9793

Required documents

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • A photograph of yourself (portrait photograph, student card photo or selfie.)
  • Academic record
  • Institution’s banking details
  • Motivational letter – minimum 150 words, must answer the following questions (How do you see your career in the green industry developing?, Have you done any community volunteer work?, If so, where and for how long and what was your experience of it?, Have you been involved in the horticultural industry? If so, were you a volunteer or employed and what were the main lessons learned through that experience? Have you visited any nurseries? If so, where and what would you say was the most impressionable? What is the distance to your nearest nursery and what is it called?

Download and complete these application forms: