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Canon Collins Thekgo: Bursary Programme 2021

Canon Collins Thekgo invites suitable applicants for Bursary Programme for 2021.

Location: South Africa
Closing Date: 12th March 2021

The Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary is a non-profit initiative established in 2007 by a group of professionals keen to promote access to higher education. It is funded by personal contributions from individuals, and is jointly run by the Canon Collins office in the UK and a committee of supporters, on a voluntary basis.

The bursary is targeted at students whose degree certificates/academic records have been withheld due to outstanding debt owed to the university, after completion of undergraduate/Honors studies. The initiative was set up in response to the troubling South African reality that students lose opportunities for employment or further studies due to withheld academic records, owing to outstanding debt.

For 2021, we have two R6000 bursaries for eligible applicants who have completed undergraduate/Hons studies at institutions in Limpopo, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape provinces.


  • Students of any African nationality
  • Disciplines: Arts (Visual/Fine/Digital Arts, History of Art, Drama/Performance, Film, TV, Music), Languages and Literature, Media Studies, Gender Studies and Education
  • For 2021, only students who have completed their undergraduate / Honours studies at a public University in Limpopo, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces, in the above disciplines are eligible.
  • No MA or PhD programmes will be considered
  • You must have missed at least one graduation due to outstanding debt.
  • Strong academic record
  • Financial need
  • Outstanding debt not exceeding R6000. (An up-to-date fee statement must accompany the application).
  • The bursary does not cover NSFAS or other scholarship debts.

Supporting documents

  • Recent university fees statement confirming outstanding debt not exceeding R6000
  • Proof of missed graduation or withheld degree certificate (provide a letter from the fees office or your Head of Department confirming this)
  • Reference letter from an academic in your department confirming strong academic record and completion of all courses for the degree
  • Comprehensive CV and any additional documents demonstrating commitment to your discipline
  • Proof of financial need (3-month bank statements, affidavit or statement of oath confirming economic difficulty. This can be done at a police station)
  • Certified copy of ID or passport

How to apply

Download the application record from our website and send the filled form to Attach all supporting documents and be as detailed as possible in your responses when filling your application form.

  • Pay attention to grammar and presentation
  • Complete all sections
  • Attach all necessary documents (please email your application and documents in one email)• Do not write in capital letters