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Study LLB at the University of Johannesburg (UJ)

Degree: LLB

Duration: 4 Years

Degree Information: The LLB degree is the minimum academic qualification for practising law in South Africa. To become an attorney or advocate you need an LLB degree. The LLB degree will equip students with both practical and theoretical skills to enter the legal profession. This is a focused degree, with emphasis on legal subjects and lays a solid foundation for a career and future in law.

Requirements to study LLB at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) 

Things you might not know about studying LLB at UJ

  • After completion of your LLB degree you can enrol for a specialised Master’s degree in law (if you comply with the relevant selection and admission criteria).
  • If you are currently in Gr. 12, you apply to study at the University with your final Gr.11 results, not your Gr. 12 results. You will, however, finally be selected or admitted on your final Gr. 12 results.
  • If you have already finished Gr. 12, you apply with your final Gr. 12/matric results (thus your matric certificate).
  • It is very important that you apply in time. Don’t miss closing dates as the Faculty only accepts a certain number of students per year.
  • What is an APS? APS is short for Admission Points Score. This is the score used to determine whether a prospective student can be admitted to study a degree in the Faculty of Law. It is easy to calculate the APS score – it is basically the sum of the achievement ratings for the 6 best prescribed school subjects (each achievement rating is calculated on a sliding scale). Take note that the performance rating for the subject Life Orientation is not taken into account in this calculation. See the next page for the full admission requirements and the APS scale

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